Behind the Bums

WHO ARE Y. & V.?

Let’s just say that we’ve been friends for almost as long as BTS’s Jungkook has been alive. Our moms could have been friends, or maybe we’re old enough to be Jungkook’s mom. Either way...we’re not telling.😉

We’re daughters of immigrant parents who had big dreams for us, but we didn’t want to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. We didn’t want to be who someone else wanted us to be. What we want is to be true to ourselves, do what we love and be happy. And this was harder than we thought.


Adulting was bringing us down with office politics, the mental load of balancing careers, kids, laundry, trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up—not to mention the COVID-19 global pandemic which bummed us out even more! We needed to escape. FAST.

So where did we go? Not many options with work, kids, shelter in place we found comfort in the melodies and lyrics of K-pop music —with boys who can dance in slippers, wear smokey eye makeup and have a wardrobe we covet, even if we can't fit into their skinny jeans. We got lost in the romance and fell in love with the chivalrous, leading men in K-dramas and their broad shoulders. I mean what’s not to love?

We found our happy place in friendship, in our love of K-pop culture, and in creating Bangtan Bums as a way of bringing more cheeky fun into our lives.


We know that life is tough, but also short. That loving yourself and living your truth may be hard, but wearing your truth should be easy with our K-pop lifestyle brand. We are inspired by people who are bulletproof to self doubt and criticism, follow their hearts, and live out their dreams. There will always be bummer days, but there will always be 00:00 (zero o'clock) and we can reset, laugh more, smile more, love more, and spread kindness. This is living the Bangtan Bums Life.

Annyeong (Goodbye)!

Y. & V.